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Connecting the technology of tomorrow via intelligent IoT SIM card solutions

NexCon.io was founded by the ONLINECITY.IO team, which has been working with telecommunication technologies since 1999 and today occupy offices around Denmark and in Germany. In addition to NexCon.io, the ONLINECITY.IO team operates the global CPaaS platform, GatewayAPI, and the omnichannel platform, RelationCity.

The common denominator is a focus on innovative self-service platforms that are easy to use and with direct access to exceptional support.

Nexcon team

Strong relationships with telcos around the world

Thanks to our expertise in building self-service platforms and our direct collaboration with telcos around the world, we’ve been able to offer high-level IoT SIM card solutions from the very start. With GatewayAPI as a sister company, we are also able to offer unique solutions where SMS communication via the GatewayAPI platform is used to transfer commands as well as information to and from the IoT SIM cards.
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Our leadership team

Welcome to the team! We are a group of passionate individuals working together to achieve our goals. Get to know the faces behind our success.

Martin Pløger

Founder, CEO

Morten Andersen

Global Lead Business Development

Kenn Leth Hansen

Head of DevOps & Solution Architect


Tanja Katariina Hansen

Regional Director

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Find us at these locations.
Buchwaldsgade 50 5000 Odense C Denmark
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Kronprinsensgade 6A, 2 1114 Copenhagen K Denmark
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C.A. Olesens gade 4 9000 Aalborg Denmark
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Landsberger Str. 314 80687 Munich Germany
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Our core values

At NexCon.io, our prime focus is making technology-based communication easy. Learn more about how our four core values, Simplicity, Ambition, Inclusion and Loyalty (SAIL) push us forward to achieve this.


We’re always up for a challenge - we make complex matters simple and always look for the simplest solution to our challenges.


Simplicity doesn’t mean we’re not ambitious though. We always want to do better and be more efficient - both on our behalf and on our customer’s behalf.


Respect, active listening, knowledge-sharing and curiosity towards each other are absolute musts for us.


Loyalty means that trust, commitment and reliability is always given and returned - that goes for both our employees and our customers.

About NexCon.io

Over 25 years of experience with network technology

Our journey began with SIM card requests from customers over at our sister company, GatewayAPI. After thorough market analysis, we recognized an untapped potential for an IoT SIM card solution tailored to companies needing easy access to IoT SIM cards as well as user-friendly dashboards for managing them. It was a perfect match! Thanks to our extensive expertise with telecommunications and collaborations worldwide, along with our proficiency in building self-service platforms, we were able to offer SIM card solutions at the highest level from the very beginning. Today, NexCon.io is a flourishing business and we are happy to serve a range of customers with varied needs, connecting and upgrading their solutions to help build a better future. We continuously introduce new intelligent tools and features to provide our customers with full control, enhance security and simplify the management of the IoT SIM cards.

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Below is all the crucial financial data you need to know about our company, including bank account details and other essential information to ensure smooth and accurate transactions with us.


IBAN: DK0668450009423205 BIC/SWIFT: SYBKDK22


IBAN: DK1268450002306886 BIC/SWIFT: SYBKDK22




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