Professional IoT and M2M SIM Cards for All Types of Devices offers the market's best SIM card solution for all kinds of devices. Buy IoT and M2M SIM cards directly in the webshop and manage them easily in the dashboard afterwards. Create your free account in less than 30 seconds!

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Global roaming which is supported in over 180 countries on more than 470 global networks.

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20 MB
Premium coverage in all of Europe
2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, LTE-M and NB-IoT
IMEI lock option
Suited for all kinds of equipment
Supported in all of Europe & USA
3 in 1 SIM card + MFF2
SMS & voice compatible
Two-way voice
Ready to use, no pin needed
Deactivated after 30 days of inactivity
Possible to get a custom solution
0.0 € /MB
2 SIM cards ready for testing, pay only for shipping & SIM production
Pay as you go
No startup fees, pay only for SIM production
0.10 € /MB
Price per active SIM card: From 0.75 € per month
Custom solution
We tailor the best possible solution for you
from 0.004 € /MB
Price per active SIM card: From 0.30 € per month

Buy and manage IoT SIM cards directly in an intuitive dashboard

Access your very own dashboard where you can order professional SIM cards for use in M2M and IoT devices, directly through our integrated webshop. The dashboard also allows you to manage SIM cards, where you have access to a long list of features

Set up IMEI locking

See usage for data, SMS and Voice

Top up SIM cards

Set up data pooling

See MSISDN and location on SIM cards

Set up tags on SIM cards

Activate and deactivate SIM cards

Manage users and billing

Create your free account and go to the dashboard!

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Use the pin-code-free SIM cards to seamlessly connect your devices to over 470 global networks with premium coverage.

Our SIM cards support all technologies

In addition to 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G, our SIM cards of course also support the new NB-IoT and LTE-M network technologies.

Roaming is supported in over 180 countries on more than 470 global networks. Our SIM cards are intended for industrial use, meaning they are more durable than standard SIM cards and have a longer life span and a larger memory. Our SIM cards are available in three sizes: Nano, micro and standard. In addition, you have the option to choose MFF2 SIMs, which can be embedded directly on the circuit board of a device.

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25 years of experience with telecommunication technologies was founded by the ONLINECITY.IO team, which has been working with telecommunication technologies since 1999. In addition to, the team currently operates the global SMS platform, GatewayAPI and the omnichannel platform RelationCity.’s journey began with SIM card requests from GatewayAPI customers and has since grown and evolved into its own flourishing business. Thanks to our already existing expertise as well as our direct collaboration with operators worldwide, it was possible for us to offer SIM card solutions at the highest level from the beginning.  Having GatewayAPI as the sister company of, has also given us the opportunity to offer unique package solutions where SMS communication via the GatewayAPI platform is used to send information and commands between the IoT SIM cards and a database.


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  • Best SIM card deal in the industry
  • Premium coverage both locally and globally
  • Range of security features
  • Easy administration
  • Lightning fast support
  • Competitive prices
  • Fast delivery
  • Synergy effect between and GatewayAPI
  • Flexible agreements and package solutions


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